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Injection packer LSP18R14 for drill hole 18 mm

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Injection packer LSP18R14 for drill hole 18 mm

Plastic - impact packer 110 mm long.

Connection: Self-sealing pipe thread R1/4″, free passage Ø 7 mm.

Free wrapping tool in each package

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Injection packer LSP18R14 for borehole 18 mm (lamella impact packer) made of high-performance plastic.

For use in crack and cavity filling and grouting, in all common building materials such as concrete, hollow block, brick, sandstone. Optimal for injection of epoxy and polyurethane resin with high solids content, or cement suspension, cement paste, injection mortar. When used in dimensionally accurate boreholes in solid building materials, can be used for maximum injection pressures of up to 100 bar.

Product proven millions of times, produced by us since 1998

For more information and safety instructions, you can download the technical data sheet for this product here.

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