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Dissolver 100 mm with stainless steel shaft 500 mm

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Dissolver 100 mm with stainless steel shaft 500 mm

Dissolver shaft 500 mm long, made of 10 mm hexagonal stainless steel (rustproof)

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Polymerpacker Dissolver (disk stirrers) are very effective tools with excellent mixing properties for producing very homogeneous consistencies. Low splash formation, low air entrainment into the mix (bubble formation) and easy dismantling, allow effective and clean work with high productivity. Polymerpacker - because good work starts with good tools.

Examples of use: Mixing, stirring and dispersing of liquids and suspensions (pastes) such as paints, varnishes, adhesives, synthetic resin mixtures, various fillers, gypsum, lime, cement or clay plaster. Mixing of dry, flowable powders, granulates and sands of medium density.

Polymerpacker Dissolver are available with dissolver discs in diameters of 45, 75, 100 and 150 mm. Each can be combined with a large selection of different dissolver shafts to cover countless areas of application. The dissolver disc can be quickly and easily attached to a corresponding dissolver shaft and also removed again. Commercially available drilling machines are ideally suited as drive machines.

Our Dissolver 100 mm is a product that has proven itself millions of times over. Produced by us since 2016.


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